Contact SRSB Members

Concerned Parents and Community Members are encouraged to write to SRSB members to voice their support for Community Schools, and encouraging the SRSB Members to take a proactive role in setting the priorities for targeting opportunities to save money within the board - The priority should be students, so cuts that do not impact students and communities should be the LAST, not FIRST, on the list of budget cut backs.  This is in line with the January 19, 2011 tentative cost-saving measures proposed by the administration of the Strait Regional School Board, which does not include school closures in that list!

To write all SRSB Board Members, in one email message, you may email:
  • The following is a list of SRSB Members
    • Mary Jess MacDonald, Chair (email) (bio)
      Member for District 3, South Inverness
    • George Kehoe, Vice Chair (email) (bio)
      Member for District 4, West Richmond
    • Gerald MacDonald (email) (bio)
      Member for District 2, Central Inverness
    • Jason Bernard (email)  (bio)
      First Nation Representative
    • Rosalee Parker (email) (bio)
      Member for District 9, East Guysborough
    • Clarence Reddick (email) (bio)
      African Nova Scotia Representative
    • Brian Murray (email) (bio)
      Member for District 6, Town of Antigonish
    • Anne Peters* (email) (bio)
      Member for District 1, North Inverness
    • Francine Boudreau (email) (bio)
      Member for District 5, East Richmond
  • These SRSB Members Have Shown Support for Community Schools - Thank You!
    • Kim Horton (email) (bio)
      Member for District 10, West Guysborough
    • Frank Machnik (email) (bio)
      Member for District 8, East Antigonish
    • Richelle MacLaughlin (email) (bio)
      Member for District 7, West Antigonish