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Department of EducationJune 29, 2010 11:33 AM

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"NOTE: A summary of results for math and literacy..."
"Nova Scotia students continue to produce solid results in reading and literacy in provincial assessments, the 2010 Minister's Report to Parents and Guardians released today, June 29, shows."...
..."In the reading and literacy assessments, about 70 per cent or more of students met expectations. But Grade 12 math is an area of concern as only 45 per cent of students passed the provincial exam, down six percentage points from the year before.
"I am troubled by the math scores. Changes are going to be made to improve student learning," said Ms. More. "A new elementary math curriculum will be rolled out beginning in 2011, with a new curriculum for grades 7 and 8 introduced the following year. They will be more focused than the current curriculum to allow students to develop a deep and thorough understanding of the subject matter.""