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Education Minister Initiates Review of School Board Expenses

posted Apr 15, 2010, 11:17 AM by Concerned Parents
It appears school boards from coast to coast are choosing to target program cuts that "are going to jeopardize learning" rather than taking a comprehensive review of of all board expenses, including Administrative expenses, before choosing to cut schools and educational programs.  Perhaps, in light of what is happening in BC, board members from the SRSB will take the initiative to direct the Administration of the SRSB to begin such a review, before directed to do so by the province of NS.

B.C. uses adviser to find savings at Vancouver school board - The Vancouver Sun

"Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid appointed B.C.'s comptroller-general as a special adviser to Vancouver's board of education Wednesday, asking her to find savings where the board has failed.

'This is a serious situation. We felt it was important to take action,' MacDiarmid told reporters in Victoria.

'They [members of Vancouver's board of education] have said they're having trouble managing with their budget. They are talking about cutting programs they say are going to jeopardize learning,' she said."

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