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Fight for School Continues

posted Feb 2, 2011, 6:30 AM by Concerned Parents
"A group of parents and community members in the Heatherton area are continuing to fight to keep their school open for a second time."

An article reporting on a recent meeting of the Rev. H.J. MacDonald School Advisory Council.  Representatives from the Municipality, the Government of NS, and Save Community Schools were present at this meeting, to discuss the erroneous 2010-2011 Screening Report presented by SRSB administration and staff on January 24 and the upcoming meeting of the SRSB where Board Members will vote on the recommendations in the report to review Rev. H.J. MacDonald, Canso Academy, and West Richomond Education Centre.

While the article is about Rev. H.J. MacDonald school, Save Community Schools suggests readers may substitute Heatherton for Canso and the frustrations would be the same.

1.  67% of the data presented in the screening report, for three of the six criteria, is erroneous.

2.  The board's own screening policy excludes schools that have "undergone" the school review process within the past 10 years from being screened, yet the 2010-2011 screening report clearly screened all three schools (Rev. H.J. MacDonald, Canso Academy, and H.M. MacDonald) that were subjected to the 2010 school review process; and ultimately recommended two of these three schools be subjected to the review process again in 2011. 

Remember, working together Concerned Parents and Community Members Save Community Schools,

Concerned Parents
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Fight for School Continues
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