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Letter to the Editor - SRSB Financial Facts

posted Apr 9, 2010, 6:25 AM by Concerned Parents
In a letter to the Editor, published in The Casket (April 2010) Kathleen Gerrior makes the financial case for why SRSB should not proceed with the review or closure of H.M. MacDonald school, in Maryvale.  Without a doubt the information put forward by Ms. Gerrior is equally applicable to the reviews of Rev. H.J. MacDonald (Heatherton) and Canso Academy schools. 

Conclusion: The financial argument, put forward by the SRSB Administration in the Identification Reports for Rev. H.J. MacDonald and H.M. MacDonald schools, as a justification for the review and closure of these schools does not hold up to an honest examination of the financial facts.

"Does the SRSB need to close H.M.MacDonald School in Maryvale to save money? I think not.

Fact: SRSB is predicting a $400,000 surplus this year.

Fact: SRSB has increased it's administrative expenses by $327,433.

Fact: SRSB has just received a $700,000 settlement from the P3 school developers that was owed to them, unknown by the SRSB, over the last 9 years.

Total: $1,427,433"

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