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Need to Revive Rural Life

posted Aug 31, 2010, 11:09 AM by Concerned Parents

A timely article, and the quote below pretty much sums up what appears to be the most recent thinking of the SRSB, based on recent quotes from the SRSB Superintendent, Mr. Jack Beaton.  Community Schools represent the heart and soul, and future (the students) of rural communities - by closing our community schools the SRSB is supporting urbanization and gutting rural life in North Eastern NS.

"Emphasizing the bottom line and cost-accounting leads to the belief that amalgamation and centralization will deliver more bang for the buck," Machum writes.

"However, the long-lasting effects of such economic and social policies promote urban growth and expansion at the expense of rural communities.

"The rural becomes the periphery, and the urban core grows in power and might. If such policies persist, the imbalance will only intensify.""

CBC News Online: