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Never Assume (The Casket)

posted Oct 26, 2010, 6:47 PM by Concerned Parents
An opinion (editorial) piece in The Casket (2010-10-26) - Never Assume. (free registration required)

A teaser from the article:
"Who is to blame for the mess? Is it the Department of Education for not following up and getting the guidelines proclaimed? Is it Beaton’s or the board’s fault for not knowing the rules? The blame cannot be made towards any one person but note no other school board in the province seems to be having similar problems. Perhaps they are not identifying schools for closure or maybe they knew the rules."

Not enough of a tease?  How's this?
"Not knowing the rules and working on assumptions is bad enough, but what leaves a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth is the arrogance the superintendent and certain members of the board have displayed throughout the process."

This piece alone is worth buying a couple copies of this week's Casket - well done, and kudos for calling it the way it is.