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N.S. seeks ways to save Holy Angels High

posted Nov 15, 2010, 5:09 AM by Concerned Parents

"The Nova Scotia government is striking a committee to look into the future of Holy Angels High"

In the article the Minister of Education, Marylin More, is quoted as having said:
"Appreciating how valuable that Holy Angels is to education in this area of the province … we're committed to do the study and the research that's necessary to see if we can protect the school" 

It is great to see the Minister of Education stand up and acknowledge the importance of Holy Angels to education in that "area of the province" but we cannot help wonder why the Minister remains unwilling to make a similar statement on the importance and value of Canso Academy, Rev. H.J. MacDonald, and H.M. MacDonald schools to the Strait region of the province!

When advised that the Strait Regional School Board was violating the laws governing education, specifically the school review process, the Minister of Education was asked to step in and direct the Strait Regional School Board to end the reviews of Canso Academy, Rev. H.J. MacDonald, and H.M. MacDonald schools.  Her response was "
no one has been prejudiced or suffered any consequences from the school
board’s actions. Therefore, I have decided against taking the action that you request
." (Oct. 5, 2010)

We sent a follow up email requesting clarification from the Minister of Education on October 7, 2010 and have yet to receive a response.  Her office advised us that requests to the Minister should be responded to within 2 weeks.  It is November 15, 2010 more than 5 weeks later, and no response. 

Yet following the October 20, 2010 SRSB's vote to discontinue the school reviews the public was advised that the Minister had in fact met with the Board on two occasions to discuss the Board's options (to continue or discontinue the reviews), and her conclusion to the Board was that she would "support" what ever decision the Board made.

And now the press is highlighting how the Minister met with students, parents, and community members concerned over the closure of Holy Angels High in Cape Breton twice in the last week.  Once in Halifax and then she made a trip to Sydney on Friday, November 12 to visit the school.  How many times did the Minisiter visit the three schools in the Strait?  Zero. 

What is the difference between how Save Community Schools and those working to save Holy Angels have engaged the Minister?  We have attempted to engage the government respectfully and afford them the opportunity to respond privately and address our issues without making a major issue of it in the press.  Holy Angels representatives have resorted to tried and true acts of public protest.

Shame on the Government of NS and the Minister of Education if that is the only way the public can expect to get a response from them!

Thanks to Holy Angels - perhaps Public Protest is where Save Community Schools needs to go, so that Concerned Parents and Community Members from the Strait Region of the province can get some answers from the Board and the Government!

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