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School board did the best it could?

posted Dec 7, 2010, 6:05 AM by Concerned Parents
An interesting commentary on the South Shore Regional School Board's decision to close a Community School, Riverport Elementary. 

Of particular interest is that the historical investment to the River Port school was only a fraction of funds provided to other elementary schools in the district.  Taking size into consideration, on a square foot level, the report notes that the maintenance at other schools was 5xs greater than the investments made over the past decade for River Port Elementary, which the board recently decided to close, in part, because the school was in such disrepair.

The author raises some interesting points, including questioning if the decision of the Board to close the school was made a long time ago, suggesting shoddy maintenance was a strategic decision to build a case for the school closure.

Read the article in South Shore NOW and then come back to share your comments in our Community Voice.