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School boards talk co-operation

posted Jun 10, 2010, 3:55 PM by

      Co-operation was the theme of the June 2 Strait Regional School Board meeting at Bayview Education Centre.
      The board reported a successful presentation on inter-departmental co-operation at the Nova Scotia School Board Association annual general meeting while an early childhood development promoter presented the virtues of community-based centres.
      The NSSBA will recommend the Department of Education sets up “a framework for the departments of government to deliver seamless services to schools with resources and expertise,” board chair Mary Jess MacDonald said.
      The NSSBA approved a resolution to promote co-operation and communication among government departments such as health, community services and justice to avoid overlap and help ensure comprehensive service, MacDonald added.
      “Sometimes we don’t work together very well, and what we’re seeing is a need to mandate that at a ministerial level,” superintendent Jack Beaton said.
      “There’s a need for all of those child- and youth-oriented ministries to work more closely,” he added.
      If the Department of Education accepts the recommendation, Beaton said he would expect inter-departmental co-operation to be mandated into job descriptions rather than expecting “goodwill.”
      “What the resolution is asking is for the provincial government to make this part of the way they do business,” he added.