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Schools set for closure given reprive

posted Oct 22, 2010, 7:05 PM by

Talk of school closures at the Strait regional school board is not over for good, but it’s over for now.

And that has people opposed to closures in Maryville, Heatherton and Canso celebrating.

"We are pleased the whole process has been cancelled but, I guess, we’re kind of sad we were the ones who had to point out they weren’t following their own regulations," said Denise Delorey, a Heatherton parent who belongs to a lobby group called Save Community Schools.

"We had faith they were following the Education Act and the ministerial regulations because every time we spoke to the board about the school closures, they told us they had to follow the Education Act and the regulations," she said during a telephone interview Thursday.

It turns out the board missed the deadline to deliver impact assessments for public response.

The Save Community Schools group took the regulations often cited to them and used them against the board by pointing out the discrepancy in a letter to Education Minister Marilyn More..."