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SRSB Acknowledges End of School Reviews for 2010-2011!

posted Oct 20, 2010, 7:03 PM by Concerned Parents   [ updated Oct 21, 2010, 7:44 AM ]

You may have already heard, because the press picked up this story very early on today, that the Strait Regional School Board passed a motion today, which effectively acknowledged that the school review process for Canso Academy, Rev. H.J. MacDonald, and H.M. MacDonald schools have ended.

This is great news and well worth celebrating - we've said it all along, working together Concerned Parents and Community Members Save Community Schools.

For more information and reaction to today's announcement, please visit the Community Voice section of our website, and while you are there why not drop us a note.

Also, CBC Radio Information Morning Cape Breton will be interviewing the Superintendent of the SRSB, Mr. Jack Beaton and Save Community Schools' own Denise Delorey tomorrow (Thursday, October 21) morning, between about 6:45-7:15am.  CBC Radio Sydney broadcasts on 1140AM, but is also available online at  Information Morning provides a call back number for comments on the interviews, you are encouraged to share your thoughts with listeners.

You can also hear and read more about today's announcement from:

The Strait Regional School Board (
The Casket (
101.5 The Hawk (
98.9 X-FM (

Most of these media websites have an option to provide an online posting, you should let people know what you think about this decision.  For the news papers you may wish to submit letters to the editor for publication in the print edition.

Remember, this decision is significant not just for the communities of Canso, Heatherton, and Maryvale, but all communities serviced by the Strait Regional School Board, and across the province.  This decision effectively acknowledges that public boards are not above the law and can be held to account for their actions, if they deviate from the Acts and Regulations which govern them.

Thanks for all your support, and we hope you will continue to stay informed and engaged with your local School Advisory Council and Home & School Associations.  The best way to keep our community schools safe is to stay informed on both the actions of the board and the processes they have to follow.

Remember, working together Concerned Parents and Community Members Save Community Schools,

Concerned Parents
Save Community Schools