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SRSB Posts $600,000 Surplus after Writing Off $500,000, in 2010

posted Jan 27, 2011, 5:39 AM by Concerned Parents
Recent news reports have been covering the information released by the Department of Education that the school board that are crying poor are actually operating at a surplus on a regular bases over the past number of years.

Of particular interest is the Strait Regional School Board which posted almost $600,000 surplus in 2010 after writing off $500,000, which means their actual operating surplus would have been $1.1M for the fiscal year 2009-2010, the same year they tried to close three community schools to save aprox. $400,000!

Now we are back at it, the Board is crying poor and trying to close our community schools, including Rev. H.J. MacDonald, which the Board's own Screening Report clearly identifies is operating at a profit for the Board.  That is the Board has reported that by closing the school they estimate they will LOOSE $25,000 in operating revenue!  Where's the logic in that?

We have to close this school to save money, but if we close the school we are actually going to loose $25,000!

As scary as that staff recommendation is, it is really scary that the staff that made that recommendation is the same staff that is responsible for managing the Board's operations through the expected budget cuts this year - their school review recommendation on Rev. H.J. MacDonald does not give the public much faith in their competence to make fiscally sound, or responsible, recommendations to our Elected Officials.

We look forward to our elected board members demonstrating their intelligence and competence by VOTING NO on the motions to begin the review process, on February 2, 2011!

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