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Strait board missed deadline but two other boards didn’t

posted Nov 9, 2010, 5:49 PM by Concerned Parents
"Education Department spokesperson Peter MacLaughlin said Friday that the Tri-County and Chignecto Central school boards are proceeding with school reviews, as they met the May 31 deadline for filing impact assessment reports for the schools involved."

And as we know, the Strait Regional School Board didn't get the dates right ... so were they given different directions from the Province's Department of Education, or did they just hear what they wanted to hear?

If you review the March 24, 2010 Working Committee Meeting minutes of the Strait Regional School Board, you will see the language of then Department of Education Representative was quite clear - the province was moving to adopt them, but obviously the regulations were not adopted at that time.  Fast forward to April 27, 2010 the Minister of Education put out a press release where she advises the public that she was going to adopt these amendments - did anybody from the SRSB follow up at that time to see if the amendments were still on track for May 31, 2010 implementation?  Why not?

Anyway, it's an interesting article and worth the read.

By: Nancy King
Published in: Cape Breton Post (Nov. 5, 2010)